Geology Dept. reopened at DJ Science

10th march 2016(Karachi): DJ Science College Earth Science Department reopened after closure for three years. DJ Science College is the only graduate college offering subjects of Geology in the whole province of Sindh.


The DJ Science College’s Geology Department was closed in August 2014 when the most senior professor at the department Hassan Maroof got retired and an another faculty member was transferred to Jacobabad.

Three new teachers who have been appointed through Federal Public Service Commission of Pakistan have joined the department during the last month. With the joining of new lecturers the college has enrolled more than 30 students in the Geology Department for the academic year 2016.

The retired professor Maroof Hassan played key role in the reopening of the department even after his retirement. The professor is voluntarily attached to the department and provides his life time experiences to the new lecturers to run the affairs of the department.

The newly appointed Head of the department Ms. Tahir Bano told that, Prof. Maroof is attached with the department and guiding us in different matters of the department to run in a smooth way.


The labs and classes of the Geology department now is opened for the students who study different subjects of Geology at DJ Science College.


It is appreciable that the educational institutions are reviving in the city. There was a time when the security issues used to be the top line in the media is now retaking by the soft news like the new developments in culture, education and civic rights.


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